Post Laminectomy Syndromes
 If you have pain following back or cervical spine surgery, you are not alone. We  have successfully treated many patients who have axial neck or back pain, and pain down the arms and legs which may be associated with weakness, numbness, burning sensations or other abnormal sensations. Please note these pain syndromes are extremely complex and difficult to treat and involve multiple modalities to treat radiculopathic, neuropathic, somatic  and central pain components. Treatment must be tailored to each individual patient and may take a long time before it is clear which therapeutic options are most effective.

Herniated Discs, Degenerative Spinal Disorders, Arthritis, Facet Joint Disease
 We treat pain involving the cervical, thoracic or lumber spine, with our without painful radicularothopy. In general, to more easily understand Spinal column anatomy a patient can  conceptualize that its structure is, in some ways similar to a train. Each car of the train is similkar to a tricycle, with the disc and anterior vertebral body composing the larger front wheel, while the facet joints compose the two smaller wheels. Of course the spinal cord itself sits between the front wheel and the two rear wheels, with the radicular nerves exiting between the front wheel and the rear wheel on one side. It is now easy to appreciate how injury to any or all of the wheels can be painful and how the spinal cord or nerve structures can be compromised.


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